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Darcy has the Chocolate Touch

Tsubo massage therapistsDarcy is a force.  Darcy is a natural massage therapist, but more than that she is powered by an unquenchable desire to manifest joy in every client she sees.  She is so accommodating and creative, it is a pleasure to work with her.

I said a prayer 2 years ago for help creating a more diverse list of offerings here at Tsubo Massage.  When Darcy first approached me about what we do, I thought she was just making chit chat.  About a week later she said “We should talk” and that next conversation began a ball rolling that has gained more momentum than I ever hoped for.  Prayers answered.

Last Monday we had record Valentine sales.  So many of you were taking advantage of our Chocolate services and reduced pricing.  All of us here had the best time, making a Monday so un-Monday-esque.  I give Darcy lots of the credit.  She supported, informed, guided and pushed until these services were fantastic!
So today is Wednesday, and it is Darcy Day, she offers 30 minute massages for $35 and is including Chocolate Butter Cream foot massage as a part of the service. Come in and enjoy, she can’t wait to see you.