Immediate Pain Relief

back pain

Remember the last time you had a massage? Do you remember the days before, looking forward? Making mental notes of what you wanted to mention to your therapist? Knowing you have a massage booked can bring an immediate benefit to your overall stress level. It is simple, easy and totally flexible to your schedule.

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While the Fire is Hot

The number one reason people do not get massage is that first call. With online booking you can book when you are thinking about it. Click through our Book Now link and register to schedule an appointment. After that simple step, you can book right when it’s on your mind. Pick your therapist, select the perfect appointment time for you, and hit the VCAL to load it in to your calendar. 24 hours before your appointment you will get an email reminder, giving you enough time to make a list of complaints, cancel the appointment or adjust it for a longer or shorter treatment.

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Pay Now or Pay Later

You have the choice when you pay at Tsubo Massage. With online booking you will have the option of paying ahead of time, with MC/Visa or at the time of appointment with check or cash. Keep checking the website for our monthly specials. You can add the code and save even more!

I can’t wait!

The quickest way to schedule for tomorrow is to register now and start looking for your perfect therapist. Our straightforward, simple registration will prompt you for a user name, password and contact information that we will not share or sell. After that you are on the path to a very happy body! There is a 12 hour wait for appointments, so if you are booking at 11 pm the first time you could find an opening in the schedule would be 11 am.

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