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Why You Should Dance.

After a certain age or stage in life, opportunities to dance dry up. Why don’t we dance more? Slapping the steering wheel and nodding my head is as close as I get. Would you like to grab that hairbrush and wail into it while jogging like an impatient 3 year old? A national kiss of […]

Affordable Massage at Tsubo

When I went the Swedish Institute of Massage back in 1992, massage was not as well known or available to the masses. My classmates were middle class 20 yr.olds  dabbling in the world of massage and as indicated by the massive drop-out rate, not intending to make it a career.  A few of them are […]

Lower Your Stress Level with Mindfulness

Some of my favorite people practice Transcendental Meditation.  Oprah, Jerry Seinfeld, a few of us here at Tsubo Massage.  I have been interested since I saw a very dear friend undergo a shift from feeling trapped (for years) and hopeless, to open-hearted and at peace. I asked him what had happened, why did he look […]

If You Only Get One Service, This Might Be It.

I can’t get over how different the lives of my women friends are than those of my mother’s circle.  An author of my acquaintance suggests that we can’t use the excuses that our parents did – we can’t get away with the same logic as we don’t live in that world.  So true.  My mom […]

Chocolate Dilemma

The amazing Bershire Visitors Bureau is doing a February Chocolate promotion.  Here is what I am proposing for a new spectacular February Special.  I have eager therapists, I have ingredients, I have skills, what haven’t I got?  A name!  What do you think  of when you read this?  I think Calorie Free Massage, I think […]

I Don’t Believe in “Stress Free”

Yesterday, I was discussing stress with a client.  He said that he had no stress and I laughed out loud in disbelief – “If you have no stress, I am a grapefruit!”  The discussion turned to one of good stress vs. bad stress, and I tried repeatedly to explain that one’s body doesn’t have the […]

Madoff Business Plan

In 2005, my then landlord, a notorious man of Williamstown informed me I needed to find new digs for my bid’ness. I’d been running the Tsubo Massage Therapy shop for about 4 years and had expanded a pinch but I was not busting at the seams.  My landlord, who was both feared and rumored about, […]

Tiny Fey in Her Element

When I was little, in Sheboygan Falls Wisconsin, my Mom always had a great kitchen.  She still does.  My Mom has the kind of kitchen where everyone would end up a few minutes into a party, or upon entering the house from work, school, play.   My Dad had his spot.  My Dad loved his spot […]

Want to go out? No Way.

When girlfriends ask me to go out for drinks, my immediate reaction is, no.  Now, I love me my girls, and I love to get my drink on, but the time commitment is murder.  Like you, I am looking at November 11th and wondering when did October happen?  So, I do want time off with […]

Post Wilco Post

The producers were awed. The visitors blissed-out, the band jolly and elated, the crew back stage said “I don’t usually have fun at these things!” and “there were more drugs at Bonnaroo.”